Never hold your breath.  Dive within your limits.  Always dive with a buddy.  These are core rules in diving.  We learn them from our first breaths underwater.

Even with the right training and equipment, situations may arise where we find ourselves alone underwater.  A Self-Reliant Diver is confident when solo.  Learn how to become your own backup.

Gain the skills and gear you need to safely dive solo.

Many divers enjoy diving with a buddy.  Others seek solitude.  But here is the truth.  Every diver benefits from self-reliant skills.

Practice self-rescue techniques.  Become your own backup.  Be a better prepared dive partner.  Becoming a Self-Reliant diver does not mean you have to dive alone.  It means you are self-sufficient.  Gain independence underwater.  Respond confidently to emergencies without help from others.


The longer you dive, the more likely you are to run into stressful situations.  Be prepared for anything.  Equip yourself with backups.  Train for the unexpected.  Learn to rely on yourself.

A self-reliant diver is prepared, focused, and organized.  They have a determined mindset.  Discover what it takes.  Find out what you’ll learn.

In most courses, we learn to respond to problems.  Many of those responses require action from two people.  The Self-Reliant course teaches divers to expect problems before they occur.  Gain the skills to handle problems solo.

Practice skills over three dives.  Learn how to:

  • Calculate air consumption with a SAC rate swim.
  • Switch to a backup air supply during out-of-air scenarios.
  • Swim comfortably without a mask.
  • Navigate to and from an entry/exit point.
  • Use a DSMB.


Self-reliant divers need a backup for everything.  Divers must have the following:


Self-reliance serves many purposes.  Respond to emergencies by yourself.  Go on a solo adventure safely.  Be a better dive partner.  Become your own backup.  Have redundancy for everything.  The Self-Reliant diver always has a plan.

Perhaps you want to dive solo.  Maybe you prefer a partner.  Either way, self-reliant skills are essential.  Become a stronger diver.  Gain confidence underwater.

The Self-Reliant course can be your first step to technical diving.  Do you like the challenge of self-reliance?  Tec diving might be your next step.  Find out why you might want to try technical diving.

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