Here in Palm Beach, Florida we are fortunate to have an amazing place to dive right off the beach.  The world famous Blue Heron Bridge (at Phil Foster Park) ranks among one of the top dive sites in the world!  Here you can find countless numbers of unique sea creatures rarely found anywhere else.  Seahorses, frogfish, octopus, hundreds of nudibranchs — the list is endless.

But the Blue Heron Bridge holds its best secrets well.  Finding some of these creatures takes a keen eye and local knowledge.  Photographing them in their best pose takes unique diving skills.  

With decades of experience diving at the Blue Heron Bridge, we have learned a lot about this special site.  Now, we are sharing our years of experience with you!   

Pura Vida Divers has teamed up with PADI to offer an exclusive course you can only find here — the Blue Heron Bridge Distinctive Specialty.  This certification will educate you on this unique dive site in a variety of ways.


  • Find hidden sea creatures
  • Learn how to identify fish and marine animals
  • Practice navigating the site
  • Understand local dive etiquette 
  • Fine tune your buoyancy control & dive practices

The goal of our exclusive PADI Blue Heron Bridge Distinctive Speciality dive course is to produce better divers at this important site. 


The PADI Blue Heron Bridge Diver Specialty course takes place over one or two days.  Begin with a classroom session to learn about the amazing animals that call this site home.  Learn about features of the site like shark statues, the snorkel trail and sunken boats.  Understand how you can utilize these to navigate during your dive.  

Next, hit the water with your instructor by your side.  Put your navigation skills to the test as you explore the site.  Find hidden sea creatures camouflaging into their surroundings.  Identify the many species of marine life found at Blue Heron Bridge, and perfect your buoyancy control in the shallow waters. 

Caring for this special dive site and the creatures that live here begins with knowledge.  The PADI Blue Heron Bridge Distinctive Specialty even counts towards your Master Scuba Diver certification!

Ready to begin your journey experiencing the Blue Heron Bridge in a whole new way?  Register for the Blue Heron Bridge Specialty Diver course!  Questions?  Contact us at 561-840-8750 or email