Did you know all of the offshore diving in Palm Beach County is drift diving?  Whether you’re new to the concept or have been drift diving before, there’s a lot to learn about what makes it so unique.

While it may seem effortless (just go with the flow, right?), there are certain techniques and procedures that are important to know before giant-striding in.  Learn the ins and outs of drift diving by completing the PADI Drift Diver specialty course.

Cruise with the current.  Master the art of underwater flight.  Drift diving can be one of the most fun ways to dive!  But it’s not as simple as just going with the flow.

Currents can be strong or change directions.  Certain sites may be less-than-ideal in different scenarios.  Knowing how to plan, navigate, and communicate while drift diving can make the difference between an awesome dive and a nerve-wracking one.

In many places, reefs stretch on endlessly, and wreck-treks spot the sandy ocean floor.  Being able to cover more ground underwater is a great way to see and experience more on your dive.  Like all things, there is a right and wrong way to do it.

Being prepared with the right knowledge, skills, and equipment will allow you to go from a drift diving novice to a confident and competent drift diving master.


You’ll learn how to execute the proper techniques of drift diving by:

  • Planning, organizing, and navigating drift dives
  • Understanding potential problems and hazards
  • Using drift diving equipment, like floats, lines, reels, and DSMBs
  • Making proper entries and exits
  • Selecting ideal dive sites
  • Learning about different aquatic currents
  • Communicating and maintaining proper buddy procedures

During a classroom session and 2 open water dives (included in your class!), you’ll soak up all the knowledge and skills the Drift Diver Specialty has to offer.

Glide along reefs and wrecks, and take in all there is to see.  Relax knowing you’ve gone through the proper training and gained skills you need to enjoy drift diving.

Ready dive in and go with the flow?  Sign up for the Drift Diver Specialty!  Contact us at training@puravidadivers.com or call 561-840-8750 for more information.