Has it Been Awhile?


Would you like to go scuba diving on your next vacation, but you feel a little anxious because it has been awhile since you’ve been diving? Would you like the comfort of a dive professional to lead you through your next dive? With Pura Vida Divers’ Instructional Team, you can feel confident that your next dive will be incredible.

You have several great options. You can complete a PADI Scuba Review prior to your next dive charter or vacation. You can enroll in a PADI Continuing Education course (i.e. Advanced Open Water or Enriched Air (Nitrox) offering direct supervision of a PADI Instructor or Divemaster. Or, you can request a Personal Dive Guide during your next dive charter or vacation.

PADI Scuba Review

Has it been awhile since your last dive? Are you a little anxious to get back into the water? Would you like to get back into diving with the comfort of a Instructor or Divemaster? If you’ve answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, you should consider scheduling a PADI Scuba Review with Pura Vida Divers’ Instructional Team prior to your next dive charter or vacation.

During your PADI Scuba Review, you will be reintroduced to basic dive theory and planning as well as the fundamental skills necessary for an enjoyable diving experience. After your skill review is completed in a controlled environment, you can join your Instructor or Divemaster for two optional dives.

With Pura Vida Divers, your PADI Scuba Review includes complete equipment rentals, Diving Knowledge Workbook, and instructor fees. Scuba Review does not include your optional dives.

Personal Dive Guide

Are you traveling without a dive buddy? Would you like to know that your dive buddy is a dive professional and experienced with local diving? If this is the case, you should consider requesting a Personal Dive Guide on your next dive charter or vacation.

With Pura Vida Divers, your Personal Dive Guide will assist you in assembling your dive gear, dive planning, local diving procedures, and marine life identification.

Although this is not an experience program or certification course, you will have the comfort of a dive professional as your dive buddy. Personal Dive Guide does not include your diving or equipment rentals.

Would you like a Personal Dive Guide on your next dive vacation at another dive destination? With experience in dive destinations throughout the world, you can take a Personal Dive Guide with you as your dive buddy or group leader. Offering assistance with dive logistics, your Personal Dive Guide, a dive professional, can smooth the way for a more enjoyable experience. Dive destinations include, but are not limited to, the Islands of the Bahamas, Cozumel, the Pacific Northwest, the kelp forests of California, Florida Springs, the Caribbean, and the Florida Keys.