South Florida’s best scuba tank Fill Station

Pura Vida Divers Scuba Tank Fill station was built from the ground up with Safety and Convenience in mind. Our fill station accommodates both individual scuba tank fills inside the store and bulk fills outside, behind our shop. This dual fill station allows customers with numerous tanks the ability to pull right up to the back station…no more hauling all your tanks inside to a panel! Just pull up to the back of the shop and let our staff fill your tanks while you come inside and enjoy our 3000 sqft shop. We offer air, nitrox, and trimix fills and everything by the cubic foot!

Why Pura Vida??

We offer the following Oxygen Compatible breathing gases:

Certified Pure Scuba Fill StationAir:
Grade OCA 

Premix 32%, 34 %, 36%, 40%, 50%, 80%,
and Custom Blends

Premix 21% Oxygen / 35% Helium,
and Custom Blends

Grade Technical Diving

Grade UHP (Ultra High Purity – 99.999%)

Unmatched 5 Star service! Our premix storage banks and multiple fill stations means 5 Star customer service for you! Our Scuba tank fill station comes equipped with two gas boosters to allow us to deliver any pressure up to 4500 psi (Oxygen to 3000 psi). Because we utilize several meticulously maintained high-pressure compressors, we are always ready to serve you.

Savings! Our unique per cubic foot pricing means you only pay for the gas you actually receive. Plus, no more waste due to draining — we can top off whatever unused gas remains in your cylinders and you pay only for the gas you need.

Reliability!  During production, we electronically analyze all our Nitrox and Trimix blends (premix and custom) for both Oxygen AND Helium content. You receive a final personal analysis when you pickup your cylinder.  You always know exactly what you’re getting!

Safety! Our electric-motor high-pressure compressors use only completely non-toxic, food-grade lubricants suitable for use in high-oxygen environments. Our fill station uses a series of custom filters ensuring all our fills meet the Oxygen Compatible (OCA) purity specification, which exceeds the Grade E standard. Every 90 days, a certified independent testing laboratory examines our gases, maintaining the OCA purity of our fills.


Pura Vida Divers Fill Policy

Diver Certification: You must provide documentation that you are a certified diver in order to fill a SCUBA cylinder. Additional certifications are required for Nitrox and Trimix fills.

Maximum Fill Pressure: The cylinder will be filled to its rated maximum pressure, unless you request a lower pressure fill. Pura Vida Divers will not ‘overfill’ cylinders.

Contents Labeling:  If the fill is to be with anything other than air, the cylinder must be clearly marked with the contents. The contents must be personally analyzed by the customer with the actual analysis and maximum operating depth logged in Pura Vida Divers Fill Logbook upon pick-up.  

Oxygen Service: Cylinders receiving a gas containing greater than 40% oxygen must be rated for oxygen service.

Gas Quality: All breathing gas fills are with oxygen-compatible quality gases.

Hydro-Static Test: The cylinder must have had a hydro-static test within the last five years.

Visual Inspection: The cylinder must have had a Visual Inspection within the last 12 months. Aluminum 6351-T6 alloy cylinders will not be filled.

Dropoffs: You are welcome to leave your cylinder with us for filling and return at a later time to claim. We are not responsible for cylinders left over 60 days.


Refusal of Service: Pura Vida Divers reserves the right to refuse to fill cylinders that it deems unsafe.