Snorkel Tours

Whether a novice or expert, snorkeling the Palm Beaches is not to be missed!  Swim alongside schools of lively fish, vibrant sea creatures, live corals and artificial reefs.  Your underwater snorkel adventure awaits!

Guided Snorkel Tour: Blue Heron Bridge

A local treasure, Phil Foster Park and the Blue Heron Bridge are world renowned for unusual marine creature sightings!  This one-hour tour takes place from a shore entry at Phil Foster Park, just 5 blocks from our store.

Mask, fins, and snorkel are included.  Snorkeling vests and wetsuits are available by request.

Depths range from 0-22ft.  This tour is perfect for beginners and experienced snorkelers!  

Ocean Snorkeling Cruise

Time to relax on a beautiful catamaran and take in the sights on the Atlantic ocean.  Snorkel Palm Beaches popular off-shore sites including the Breakers in-shore reef, South Jetty, Cable Crossing, and more.  Top-side, be sure to look out for pods of dolphins and basking sea turtles.

Charters run approximately 3 hours in length and include mask, fins, snorkel, snacks, water and sodas.  Wetsuits are available by request.  Depths range from 7-20ft.

Perfect for those that prefer offshore boat adventures!

Peanut Island Snorkeling Cruise

Snorkel off of a man-made island that houses President Kennedy’s decommissioned bomb shelter.  Relax on floats, snorkel in waist deep water, explore the island, and soak up the sun. 

Charters run ~2.5 hours in length and include mask, fins, snorkel, snacks, water and sodas.  Wetsuits are available by request.  Depths average 6-7ft. 

Perfect for all ages and novice snorkelers or those just looking for a relaxing few hours on the water. 


Snorkel the Palm Beaches with confidence!

Eco Snorkel Camp

This summer, your kids can explore the incredible underwater world at Blue Heron Bridge.  Splash into adventure at Eco Snorkel Camp!

Your camper will discover marine wildlife, help clean local beaches, and become a master snorkeler.  They will learn how to be ocean advocates.  Campers will even earn their PADI Advanced Snorkeler certification.  This is a camp you don’t want to miss!

Our counselors are PADI professionals who can’t wait to share this one of a kind experience with your camper.

Earn Your PADI Advanced Snorkeler Certification

Want to take a closer look at those cool underwater critters while you’re snorkeling?  Or maybe Scuba Diving isn’t for you, but you’d like to advance your snorkeling skills?  This course is for you!

The PADI Advanced Snorkeler course teaches you the basics on proper snorkel clearing and buoyancy, and teaches you to perform effortless surface dives.

Must have adequate swimming skills, be comfortable in water too deep to stand, and a minimum of 8 years old.  No prior experience necessary.