Dive Charter Rates

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Head out aboard charter boats Sirena or Marin to dive the beautiful coral reefs and adventurous wrecks of Palm Beach in South Florida!  Check our dive charter rates below to make the most of your vacation or business schedule with Pura Vida Divers.  Contact us for reservations & scheduling or book online.**

Need tanks? Our full service Fill Station has everything from banked Air, Nitrox, and Trimix to custom blends and technical diving fills. For fill information and SCUBA tank rental rates, click here.

Discount programs may be applicable on your dive charters! Check them out here:  Plastic FreeGear Program & Frequent Diver Cards

Charter Rates

2-Tank Dive Charters 
2-Tank Dive Charter$80
2-Tank Dive Charter with Air$100
2-Tank Dive Charter with EANx$110
3-Tank Dive Charters (with Lunch)* 
3-Tank Dive Charter$110
3-Tank Dive Charter with Air$140
3-Tank Dive Charter with EANx$155
*3-Tank Charters w/o lunch available
1-Tank Dive Charters 
1-Tank Dive Charter$60
1-Tank Dive Charter with Air$70
1-Tank Dive Charter with EANx$75
Bubble Watcher (Non-Diver)$35

Specialty Charter Rates

Blackwater Dive Charters 
Blackwater Dive Charter$80
Blackwater Dive Charter with Air$90
Blackwater Dive Charter with EANx$95
Technical Dive Charters* 
Technical Dive Charter$85
Extended Bottom Time Dive Charter$85
*Prices do not include tank rentals or fills

Whole Boat Charters

Whole Boat Charters AvailableContact Us For Pricing
MarinMax Capacity: 19
SirenaMax Capacity: 12


**48-Hour Cancellation Policy on Regular Charters, 1-week Cancellation on ALL Holiday Schedules. Check your confirmation email for specific cancellation policies regarding your upcoming trip.