When the only thing scuba divers want is to get underwater, we often don’t think about what we’re actually breathing.  Most of us start out with normal air, which is 79% nitrogen and 21% oxygen.  But, have you ever considered becoming an Enriched Air Diver?  Here, let’s go on a dive.

You’re submerged, admiring the creatures of the underwater world.  Red, bulbous barrel sponges spot the reef.  Schools of spadefish shimmer in the light from above.  Green morays poke their heads out from hiding holes.  A sleepy sea turtle lounges underneath a rocky outcropping.

You could stay in that blue-water bliss indefinitely.  But your dive computer says otherwise.  The no-decompression limit is fast approaching.  That means it’s time to shallow out your dive and return to the surface.  As you start to ascend, the arm of an octopus appears from under a ledge.  You fight the urge to descend and check it out.  You’d be exceeding your limits, which is a no-go.
Sound familiar?  As divers, we’ve all had an experience like this.  We’ve all had to surface too soon because of our no-decompression limit.

The good news is, there’s a solution.  You can make the most of every dive by extending your bottom time as a PADI Enriched Air (Nitrox) Diver.

Becoming an Enriched Air diver is a must for divers of all certification levels.  With the course, you’ll be able to spend more time underwater.  Find out what it takes to dive with Nitrox.


  • How to dive with Enriched Air with up to 40% oxygen
  • The benefits and potential hazards of diving with Enriched Air
  • Practice hands-on skills, like using an analyzer to determine the oxygen content
  • How to safely enjoy longer dives!
The best part is, you can finish the course before your next dive!  Just sign up, complete the online e-Learning, and schedule a classroom session with a PVD Pro.  After that, you’re ready to jump in as an Enriched Air diver.  Get ready for a dive with longer bottom time!

And this time, you’ll be able to go check out that octopus.

Want to sign up? Or have any questions? Contact us at training@puravidadivers.com or call 561-840-8750 for more information.