Shallow Reef Diving on South Florida Reefs

The following sites are used primarily for training dives or for snorkeling sites…we do not regularly visit them. Feel free to charter the boat for your group if these sites appeal to your needs! Call or email us!

Cable Crossing

With a shallow profile of 16 to 22-feet, Cable Crossing is often a spot for introductory dives and snorkeling during your surface interval. A relatively short coral reef located immediately south of the Breaker’s Hotel, there is always the opportunity to encounter manta rays, sea turtles, and nurse sharks as well as tropical fish cruising the shallow waters. This is a great place to find guitarfish!


Just north of the Breakers and at a max of 25-feet, Ballentine’s is a unique site consisting on three holes 30-40ft in diameter with a 2-3ft bordering ledge. When the lobsters come inshore, this is a great bugging spot!

Pink House

South of the Breakers and at a max of 15-feet, Pink House is a great snorkeling site for your surface interval time. We frequently find large nurse sharks and beautiful tropical fish here!