The sea calls to divers in one way or another.  Some are attracted to beautiful marine life.  Others chase the feeling of weightless underwater flight.  Deep divers are beckoned by the mysteries of the abyss.

The PADI Deep Diver Specialty gives you the training to safely dive to the deepest recreational limit: 130 feet.

Pairing the Deep Diver Specialty with a Nitrox upgrade allows divers to maximize their time at these once-unreachable depths.


As an Advanced diver, you are certified to dive to 100 feet.  But, the deepest recreational limit for scuba diving is 130 feet.  The Deep Diver Specialty provides the knowledge and skills needed to reach this deeper limit.

At 130 feet, our bodies are under pressure that’s five times greater than what we experience on the surface.  Under that pressure, we have many factors to consider that don’t come into play on shallower dives.

First, we consume air faster at deeper depths.  It’s vital to keep a closer eye on our gauges and carry specialized equipment.  We’re also more likely to experience nitrogen narcosis.  It’s important to maintain proper decision-making abilities.

Finally, our bodies are absorbing nitrogen at a faster rate.  That means our bottom time, along with our no-decompression limit, decreases.

Luckily, there’s a way to counteract that last consideration.  By pairing the Deep Diver Specialty with a Nitrox course, you can maximize your time at depth.


Nitrox doesn’t allow you to go deeper.  But, it can facilitate staying at planned depths for longer.  You just need to dive with the optimal enriched air mixture for your maximum depth.  Work with your instructor to plan and optimize your deep dives by utilizing the ideal Nitrox blend.

Learn more about the Enriched Air Nitrox course here.


First, sign up for e-Learning through Pura Vida Divers.  Then, call us to schedule your class.  Hop aboard two of our 2-Tank Charters to apply your knowledge throughout four deep dives. 

Learn about and practice the following:

  • Using specialized deep diving equipment
  • Deep dive planning and safety considerations
  • Proper buddy procedures and buoyancy control
  • Managing air supply and effects of narcosis

Upgrade your Deep Diver Specialty by pairing it with a Nitrox course.  Maximize your time underwater.  Gain a better understanding of what goes into planning deep dives.  Dive with the ideal blend of enriched air.

Tanks and weights are included in the course.


Divers must be:

  • 15 years old
  • Advanced Open Water or Adventure Diver

Dive along chasmic ledges.  Sink to the bottom of wrecks.  Enjoy lesser-dived local sites like Playground, which sprawls along the bottom at 130 feet.

Take your training to the next level.  Gain a deeper understanding of what goes into dive planning.  Optimize your dive time with a Nitrox upgrade.  Enroll in the Deep Diver Specialty.  Discover the mysteries of the deep.

Ready to sign up or have any questions? Contact us at or call 561-840-8750 for more information.