Interested in underwater photography?  As divers, we have all admired jaw-dropping snapshots of marine life.  Have you ever wondered who captures those moments? 

Build a solid photo foundation by taking the Point and Shoot Photography Workshop.  That diver behind the lens might just be you.

Whether on land or underwater, most photographers start out with the basics: a point and shoot camera.

point and shoot photography workshop

This year, start your photography journey by learning the ins and outs of basic photography.  Sign up for the Point and Shoot Photography Workshop with our Photo Pro Emma Rigolo.

Share your photos with fellow divers. Compare techniques and admire each others’ photos.  Find a community of underwater photographers who are passionate about marine life.  Capture memories from your favorite dives and marine life encounters.

point and shoot photography workshop


Learn to use your point and shoot camera to its full potential.  Share your love for the ocean with your land-based friends.  Encourage them to explore the underwater world with your photos.  Give them a snapshot of what it is like to scuba dive. 

Start your journey with a solid photography foundation.  First, join us at the dive shop for a classroom session.  Then, put your newfound skills to use on a dive at the Blue Heron Bridge.  Learn point and shoot camera techniques to refine your underwater photo skills.


The Point and Shoot Photography Workshop is beginner-friendly!  Start building your repertoire of photo skills.

point and shoot photography workshop

Students in the workshop learn the following:

  • Tips for macro and wide-angle photography.
  • Intro to lighting techniques. 
  • How and when to shoot in different settings, like manual and priority modes.
  • Where to focus and how to frame your shots.
  • Using the natural environment to compose better photos.


Every person in the Point and Shoot Photography Workshop needs a full set of SCUBA gear.  If you do not have your own gear, standard SCUBA equipment is available to rent or purchase at the dive shop. 

Students also need their own underwater camera and housing.  Anything from a cell phone in a housing to a GoPro or higher is great.  Don’t have your own quite yet?  Check out our cameras and different housing options at the dive shop.

Lights or strobes are highly recommended for the workshop.  Lights reintroduce the full spectrum of colors underwater.  They create colorful images, meaning less time spent editing.

Unsure which gear is right for you?  Schedule a Gear Consultation Appointment with us in advance.  Ask your questions and receive answers from our Photo Pros.


The Point and Shoot Photography Workshop is offered throughout January 2022.  Choose the date that works best for your schedule.  

  • Saturday, January 8th: 9am- 2:30pm
  • Sunday, January 23rd: 8am- 1:30pm

The price of the workshop is $299.99.  Gain invaluable knowledge and skills during the classroom session and dive.

point and shoot photography workshop


You do not need to be a photo expert to sign up for the workshop.  In fact, the Point and Shoot Photography Workshop is great for beginners.  Learn the basics of photography.  Add new tools to your growing skillset.  Divers must have:

  • Minimum PADI Open Water Diver Certification (or equivalent).

Having good buoyancy is a must for photographers.  That is why we also recommend the Peak Performance Buoyancy specialty.  Get better buoyancy control so your photo skills are the only thing you need to focus on.  

point and shoot photography workshop

Start your journey as an underwater photographer.  Gain a solid foundation of photography skills.  Take the first step today!  Sign up for the Point and Shoot Photography Workshop. 

Contact Photo Pro Emma Rigolo at or call 561-840-8750 for more information.