Help us celebrate a decade of cleaning our seas!  Join Pura Vida Divers and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection on August 22nd for the 10th Annual Southeast Florida Reef Cleanup.

As divers, we witness firsthand the growing pollution problem littering our oceans.  We’ve all had those dives. 

We submerge, ready to admire beautiful, vibrant corals, barrel sponges, and sea fans.  Our eyes search for healthy marine animals like sea turtles, stingrays, sharks, and more.

But amongst the underwater environment we love, we find something different.  Bleached and damaged corals.  Plastic bottles bobbing along the surface.  Fishing line strewn across the reef.  Soda cans half-buried in the sand.  Plastic bags floating mid-water, looking alarmingly like jellyfish.

As people who enjoy the ocean and all it has to offer, we must advocate for cleaning our seas.  Removing trash we find underwater is an excellent way to start.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) has been coordinating cleanups for a decade now to do just that.  Read more about their Coral Reef Conservation program here.  Join us this year to be part of the reef cleanup effort!


Sign up for a 2-tank dive charter on Sunday, August 22nd.  Charters depart at 8 AM and 1:30 PM.  Make sure to check in an hour before departure to set up your gear and meet fellow ocean advocates.

Weights are included with the charter.  Equipment and tanks are available to rent if needed.  Call us at 561-840-8750 or secure your spot online by clicking here.


There will be giveaways!  Divers will receive a mesh catch bag with underwater snips for future cleanup dives.

FDEP will also be handing out goodies like SEAFAN whistles, keychain floats, straps for sunglasses, and chapstick. 

Be on the lookout for stickers as well as information on their other conservation programs.

Be a part of the 10th Annual Southeast Florida Reef Cleanup!  Join environmentally-conscious organizations and the like-minded individuals who make them up.  Enjoy two dives, and remove trash from the ocean along the way.  Help us protect and maintain our reefs.

We can’t wait to see you at A Decade of Cleaning Our Seas!  Call Pura Vida Divers at (561) 840-8750 to request a spot on the reef cleanup dive, or book online:

Can’t make it on August 22?  Check out the other locations and dates to participate in the 10th Annual Southeast Florida Reef Cleanup: