Learning about the ocean is one of the best ways to protect it.  This November, give back to our seas by learning something new.  Discover cool facts about a unique creature:  the endangered sawfish.

Tune in to our social night on November 19th.  Learn about endangered sawfish in Florida.  Listen to sawfish expert Tonya Wiley

Leave with newfound knowledge and appreciation for this intriguing creature.

Sawfish were once fairly common in Florida.  They could be found prowling the reefs and ocean floor along the east and west coast.  Now, they are an endangered species.  Today, finding a sawfish is a rarity that a lucky few divers experience. 

endangered sawfish

Image courtesy of Tonya Wiley.


While they may look like sharks, sawfish are actually rays.  They have a long saw-like snout called a rostrum.  These can measure one-third of their body length.  The rostrum is unique to each sawfish species.

There are five different species of sawfish worldwide.  Only two are common in the United States.  These are the Smalltooth Sawfish and the Largetooth Sawfish.  Both were abundant in Florida and the Gulf of Mexico, but their populations have declined.  Now sawfish are an endangered species.  Join the social night to find out why.

endangered sawfish

Photo shared courtesy of Tonya Wiley.


Tonya Wiley is the president of Havenworth Coastal Conservation.  This organization helps protect endangered marine species through research, outreach, and education.

Tonya has been studying sawfish since 2001.  Her studies focused specifically on the smalltooth sawfish in Florida. 

For ten years, she was a researcher with Mote Marine Lab’s Center for Shark Research.  Wiley directed field surveys of smalltooth sawfish from Tampa Bay to the Florida Keys.

Wiley is also a member of the National Marine Fisheries Service.  She is a team leader for their Smalltooth Sawfish Recovery Implementation Team

She serves on a panel of experts who work to protect sawfish populations in the U.S.  They are trying to protect the species from extinction.


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Tonya’s presentation covers:

  • Interesting facts
  • Updates on current research
  • Information about the Endangered Species Act
  • How you can be involved in sawfish recovery
  • Other cool information about this unique species!

Learn about an awesome marine creature.  Find out something new.  Give back to the ocean through education.

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endangered sawfish

Image courtesy of Tonya Wiley.