Something about deep shipwrecks lures divers in.  Maybe it’s the story behind their demise.  They lie in depths where only few divers can go.  Or it could be the mystery of what artifacts are hiding within them.  Whatever the reason is for diving on deep shipwrecks, one thing is certain: each holds a unique history waiting to be uncovered and retold.

One of the most famous wrecks in American history is the USS Monitor. It is located in the Outer Banks, 17 miles off Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.  The Civil War ship rests hundreds of feet below the surface, another tombstone in the vast Graveyard of the Atlantic.

The USS Monitor lay lost on the seafloor for over 100 years, untouched and unexplored.  Scuba divers joined the recovery efforts some years after it was rediscovered. These new-age explorers worked to uncover the secrets of the once-lost shipwreck. One of these explorers was Terrence Tysall.

Tysall is the founder and chairman of the Cambrian Foundation. This not-for-profit organization is dedicated to underwater research, education, and preservation.  Tysall has decades of diving experience.  He has led scientific and research expeditions all over the world.  One of these voyages was to recover artifacts from the USS Monitor.

Join us as Terrance Tysall shares the 10-year journey to discover and preserve key components from this historic shipwreck.


Tune in on Thursday, April 16th for Preserving the USS Monitor.  The event begins at 6 PM via Zoom.  Listen from the comfort of home!

Terrance Tysall will share deep shipwreck diving techniques.  He will discuss the lessons learned over decades-worth of incredible stories.  Hear it firsthand from a true underwater explorer!

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