Join us this month for PADI’s AWARE Coral Reef Conservation class! You will learn all about the interesting and complex nature of life on a reef. Understand the threats our reefs face, and how we can help restore them.
Coral Reef Conservation Class - Laz PhotoBecome familiar with the many types of corals. Next, learn why coral reefs are important to a healthy planet earth. Many of our coral reefs are in serious trouble from pollution, global warming, and harmful human impacts. After you understand these dangers to their survival, you will learn how to help make a difference through Project AWARE.

Anyone can take the AWARE: Coral Reef Conservation class!

There are NO prerequisites or minimum ages for this course. You only need a desire to learn about the underwater world. You do NOT need to be a certified scuba diver to take this fully-online class.  This is a wonderful first step before you begin scuba diving with a Discover Scuba Diving experience.  Already certified? The Coral Reef Conservation class counts as one of the five specialties needed to earn your Master Scuba Diver rating.

When you finish the class, you will receive a PADI Specialty Certification card for Coral Reef Conservation. In addition, a portion of your course proceeds will be donated directly to Project AWARE to help save our oceans! After you learn about Coral Reef Conservation, sign up for a guided dive or snorkel tour at the Blue Heron Bridge. Visit what you’ve learned about in person. Nothing puts the beauty of our coral reefs in perspective like seeing them up close.


Continue learning about our reefs with PADI’s AWARE: Fish Identification and Underwater Naturalist courses. In this class, you will become even more familiar with the marine life that live on local reefs. Then, play an active role in cleaning up our reefs by earning your AWARE: Dive Against Debris certification. Become a powerful force to help restore the ocean’s reef to their healthy state!

To avoid non-refundable online booking fees, call us at 561-840-8750 to sign up.

To receive your certification, you must attend the virtual Coral Reef Conservation class for the entire online session. After the class, you will provide your instructor with proof of a completed Coral Reef Conservation knowledge review.  This knowledge review will be filled out during the online class.