Celebrate your love of the ocean with us this month! Learn about Trash Free Seas, a program created by the Ocean Conservancy. Join Pura Vida Divers, and J.P. Brooker, Director of Florida Conservation, on Friday, September 25. The presentation begins online at 6 PM.

Since 1986, the Ocean Conservancy reports that volunteers have picked up more than 337,000,000 pounds of trash and marine debris. Every year they host the International Coastal Cleanup. This event brings together people from all around the world, as they work to clean beaches, coastlines and waterways. While on-the-ground cleanups are important, they do not solve an ongoing ocean crisis.

During the presentation, we will learn about some of the practical solutions being put in place by the the Trash Free Seas initiative to address this problem. Find out what changes we can make in our daily lives to help reduce marine debris. Understand how global policy impacts the future of our oceans, and how the Ocean Conservancy works hard to build support for legislation that benefits the underwater world.

Mr. Brooker will also teach us about environmental issues specific to Florida. Learn what impacts local wildlife and waterways, and how you can help.

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Ready to take action?

This month, make every dive count! Stop by the shop or book a dive charter with us and we will provide the supplies you need to keep our reefs clean.

Every cleanup participant will receive a FREE Great American Cleanup t-shirt as a special thank you gift. Report your finds via the Ocean Conservancy’s Clean Swell app. Your findings will contribute to global marine debris research.

Dive Against Debris

Do you want to make a difference on every dive, but are not sure where to begin?  Join us to Dive Against Debris!  Gain the knowledge and skills to become a citizen scientist under the guidance of a PADI pro.

The Dive Against Debris class includes a one or two-tank dive, as well as tank and weight rentals. Check out upcoming dates and class details: