Splash into summer as a Sea Turtle Awareness Diver, a PADI AWARE Distinctive Specialty. 

Learn how to identify different species of sea turtles.  Practice conservation.  Observe sea turtles in their natural environment while diving. 

Every year, sea turtle nesting season runs from March through October.  Over 100,000 mother sea turtles make their way to Florida to lay their eggs.

The Palm Beaches are home to some of the most critical nesting grounds in the world for certain sea turtles.  This summer is a great chance to learn about these unique oceanic reptiles!  Find out how to advocate for sea turtle protection.

Let’s dive in.  Find out why sea turtles are some of our favorite marine creatures to shell-ebrate. 

A Hawksbill turtle, one of the species you learn to identify in the sea turtle awareness specialty, is seen lounging on the reef


Did you know there are 5 species of sea turtles found in the Palm Beaches? Can you name them all?

Maybe you were able to list Hawksbill, Loggerhead, and Green sea turtles. After all, we are fortunate to interact with these species on many of our dives.

There are 2 others found in Florida’s waters and beaches.  Any guesses?  They are Leatherback and Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles.  They are less common, but lucky divers and beachgoers can see them in Florida. 

How can we tell these 5 species apart?  Earning your Sea Turtle Awareness Specialty certification teaches you how.  This is just one of the many interesting things you learn in this course. 


divers admire a sea turtle underwater

During a classroom session and two dives, learn about:

  • Turtle species in temperate or tropical waters
  • How to identify turtles and record sightings
  • The importance of sea turtles to marine biodiversity
  • The decline in sea turtle populations
  • What you can do to reduce the loss of sea turtles worldwide
  • Project AWARE’s role in preserving the aquatic environment


Learn about sea turtle identification and conservation under the guidance of your Instructor.  Then, hop aboard a sea turtle dive charter.  Dive with sea turtles in their natural environment alongside your Instructor.  Practice identifying the species you observe in the wild.  A 2-tank dive charter is included in your class.

Divers must be at least 12 years old and have their PADI Open Water certification (or equivalent).

A green sea turtle


Splash into summer with some turtle-y awesome experiences. Learn all about sea turtles with the Sea Turtle Awareness Specialty.  

Head over to the beach for our Sunrise Sea Turtle Education Walks.  Search for and identify sea turtle nests.  If you are lucky, watch hatchlings start their journey to the ocean!

Contact us at training@puravidadivers.com or call 561-840-8750 to register or for more information.