Our first dive today on Juno Ledges was eye opening from a conservational perspective. Seeing the changes to this reef was heartbreaking but we know from prior year experiences that things will improve. Learn more about the explosion of algae growth in our recent article, Trouble in Paradise.

Conditions on Juno Ledges were far from ideal. Visibility was, at best, 20-25 feet. The water color was, without a doubt, caused by the outflow of tidal water from the Lake Worth inlet (we know this because later reports mentioned that south of the inlet there was 60-70 feet of visibility). Thankfully the turtles, sharks, and numerous marine life helped us enjoy the dive as best as possible.

Thankfully, by our second dive, we were clear of the murky water. Visibility was a good 50 feet. Our next stop — the Danny wreck. On previous dives on this wreck we had begun to see some of the goliath groupers congregating on the bow. We were not disappointed. One goliath grouper even had his gang of swirling baitfish following him everywhere he went.

Goliath groupers have begun to make the Danny their new home.

We are excited to see what kind of amazing goliath grouper action this new dive site will have in the coming months. Come out and experience this dive for yourself. Join us on our upcoming goliath grouper trip.

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