140527-124441-0042Summer is beginning to show itself along the shore of Palm Beach. Turtle nesting season is well under way with countless sea turtles spotted on every dive. On today’s dive at the Corridor wrecks and Midreef, sea turtles were just part of the amazing creatures we encounter.

We headed out the inlet to find ourselves skimming across beautiful blue water with only  slight 1-2ft. seas. The skies were clear and the ocean was so inviting so we dove right in! Our first dive on the Corridor wrecks brought 40-50ft. of visibility, a slight north current, and a soothing 80 degrees of water temperature.


Marine life encounters throughout this series of wrecks included giant goliath groupers, a reef shark swimming around the Mitzpah, sea turtles (of course!), and a giant southern stingray. This, of course, was the big stuff. Intermixed with it all were tons of smaller sea creatures.

On our second dive we headed just slightly southeast to Midreef. This long stretch of reef with its rolling hills and blowouts is a haven for marine life. Once again the sea turtles would show themselves throughout the dive, huge schools of fish engulfed Spearman’s Barge, and every nook and cranny of the reef had a lovely surprise of marine life waiting to be discovered.


Summer-like conditions are here! Come out and enjoy the calm seas, the warm blue seas, and the incredible abundance of marine life you can only find on a Palm Beach dive. Book your spot early as we fill up fast during these wonderful diving days! Call us at (561) 840-8750.