On May 21st and 22nd, Pura Vida Divers hosted a group of rebreather divers from Innerspace Systems Corp. and Liquid Productions LLC as they explored the reefs and wrecks off Palm Beach. Conditions were ideal on both days of diving with great visibility, calm seas, and wonderful animal encounters.

The dive sites the rebreather divers visited included Paul’s reef, the Trench, Juno Ledges and the Corridor wrecks. Part of the reason for these rebreather dives was for an extensive rebreather course lead by CEO of Innerspace Systems Corp., Leon Scamahorn. Using their Megalodon and Pathfinder Closed Circuit Rebreathers, their training was very detailed.

140522-141110-0024The sea creatures of Palm Beach kept the fun and excitement of these rebreather dives at its best. Adding to the mix of goliath groupers, sharks, and numerous species of sea turtle encounters was two sightings of leatherback sea turtles. These kind of distractions make it difficult to get any rebreather training done, I’m sure, but the professional group of rebreather divers did a fantastic job!

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