Numerous divers showed up to do a dive at Phil Foster park’s Blue Heron bridge. Diving this site during the day is spectacular, but under the cloak of darkness this dive takes on a whole new level of amazing. A full moon hovered overhead as the tidal current slowed. All around all sorts of amazing creatures appeared within the confines of our lights.

Miniature versions of batfish and sea robins, each measuring no more than 2 inches, were moving along the sandy bottom. Numerous mantis shrimps were on the edge of their seat awaiting any passing prey. The feathery appendages of cowries waved in the current. Large, prehistoric-looking horseshoe crabs gazed at us through their honeycomb eyes.

The big surprise was to see a clearnose skate. These small rays are uncommon in the area. In fact, this is only the second one I have ever encountered at the bridge. Their intricate-looking eyes, their clear, pointy nose, but, most intriguing, is that they can walk along the bottom (see a video here). After an hour and a half we slowly made our way back and came across a stargazer and an octopus out on the hunt.

A night dive at the Blue Heron bridge is hard to beat. The amazing critters you are likely to encounter are certain to leave you amazed. Join us next time for our FREE Phil Foster park’s Blue Heron bridge night dive and see for yourself!

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