All of Palm Beach’s reefs are beautiful and unique and Paul’s reef is certainly near the top of the list for its perfect balance of reef and fish life. There is no mistaking this reef. Swarmed in schools of fish and adorned in corals of all kinds, one visit to Paul’s reef and you’re hooked!


Our dive began midway through this long reef system as the current was neglegible and reaching the northern end reef patches of this reef is a must. These patch reefs are covered in corals and fish life including a couple of large goliath groupers. Throughout the dive the group encountered eels, squids, a sea turtle, and tropical fish of all kinds.


For our second dive we headed north to Tear Drop reef. The colorful corals and fish life kept the group entertained throughout the dive. During both dives we enjoyed a very light north current, 40-50ft+ of horizontal visibility, water temperatures in the lower 70s, and  sunny 80+ degree air temperature back on the boat. This is how winter is meant to be spent! Get away from the snow and join us for some great diving in Palm Beach, Florida.