Another beautiful day in Florida! With captain Walker at the wheel, we headed just outside the inlet for a dive on Nun’s reef. This dive site has a colorful ledge with depths in the 65-90ft. The seas were a bit bouncy with 2-4ft., but captain Walker maneuvered Sirena at a slow pace to make it easy for all the divers to slowly get ready for the first dive of the day.

Upon entering the water, the group slowly descended to the reef. There was a moderate north current pushing us along at a steady pace. Cruising along the reef ledge we encounters hawksbill and loggerhead sea turtles, eels, and a plethora of tropical fish. Hiding behind some of the ledges allowed us to enjoy the reef life without having to fight the current.

One particular area of the reef was teaming with life. I hovered in this one spot without moving the field of view from the camera and every time I took a picture a new set of fish appeared in the photograph. A high hat, juvenile lion fish, tons of wrasses, angel fish, and pork fish swam across the reef. I turned on my new GoPro Hero3 Black Edition and filmed it for a while. It’s amazing the quality of video in this small package! I’m excited to try many of the new features on the new GoPro Hero3 like 120fps and the looping video.

On our second dive we motored just north to Mid reef. The underwater terrain on this dive site consists of rolling hills on top in 65-70 feet with a pronounced ledge dropping down to over 80 feet on the western edge of Mid reef. 

The current had let down a considerable amount which made our encounters with numerous hawksbill turtles and a close encounter with a loggerhead sea turtle and a nurse shark extra sweet. Colin, our trusty dive guide, lead us across the reef to Spearman’s Barge. This wreck is always teeming with fish life. 

To end the dive we had one final encounter with a very friendly hawksbill sea turtle who didn’t mind me taking some close up photos and GoPro video. With visibility ranging in the 40-50 feet and water temperature around 76 degrees, it was certainly another beautiful day in Florida.

Come out and dive with us! Experience diving in Palm Beach and all its wonders.

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