Sirena headed out to the southern reefs this morning above glass-calm seas. With an enthusiastic and energetic group of divers, we headed beneath the waves. Upon our descent to the reef, we soon came across a tiny female loggerhead sea turtle.

Visibility was in the 30-40ft range. Water temperature was about 76 degrees, and there was a slight north current. The group enjoyed the encounters with the numerous eels. One spotted eel was hunting with a couple of yellow jacks in tow. A parrot fish was so intent on getting cleaned at a cleaning station that it did not mind me getting close to it for a photograph. Along the top of the reef, a large male green sea turtle drifted across the soft coral-covered reef.

On our second dive, we headed north to Breaker’s reef. The current had picked up considerably, so we cruised along the edge of the reef enjoying the sights of this plentiful reef. The large goliath grouper was home under the big overhang near the end of the reef. On our way to Turtle Mound, a large male loggerhead turtle appeared out of the hazy distance headed directly towards us. As we made the end of the Turtle Mound, a large pregnant nurse shark was swimming back and forth along the northern ledge in search of a place to settle down.

While the last couple of days have been rainy, we were fortunate to enjoy a rain-free day out diving. Not a bad way to spend the day. Come join us for a dive!

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