130105-093505-0033M/V Sirena headed just south of the inlet this morning to a dive site called North Double Ledges. This reef system has a abundant amount of marine life. The group drifted along the ledge with a mild south current. Visibility was in the 50 foot range and the water temperature was 73 degrees Fahrenheit. We motored to the dive site a top of 2-3 foot seas.

We encountered a free swimming moray eel, a juvenile hawksbill turtle, a large spider crab, and tons of tropical fish. For our second dive, we motored just north of the inlet to a dive site called Spearman’s Barge. This small barge is usually covered in tropical fish and is home to a very large and friendly green moray eel. As the group approached the wreck, we could see the large moray laying across the top of the wreck. The group got a good look at the moray (and vice versa) before the eel disappeared into the wreck.

Cruising south off the wreck, the group slowly meandered along the top of Midreef. With it’s hill-like topography it’s impossible to get lost on this reef. Best of all, it has the most amazing pockets of marine life so there is always something to see.

Another great day of diving in Palm Beach, Florida with Pura Vida Divers.

Check out today’s video montage:

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