Today’s Pura Vida Divers were aboard The Wetter The Better dive boat for a great day of diving in Palm Beach. Cruising south with 1-2 foot seas, the boat arrived near Ron’s Rock for a southerly current drift. Upon reaching the bottom, nature had fooled us and the easiest path was north to Flower Gardens. And so we went!

Within minutes we encountered a large batfish hunting along the reef ledge. A curious cornet fish swam up to the camera’s dome port. The diver’s enjoyed a slow north drift with 50-60 feet of visibility and 73 degree Fahrenheit water temperature.

For our second dive, we began our northerly drift near Breaker’s reef – second window. This reef never fails to please. The number of underwater inhabitants we encountered included a large green moray, large schools of atlantic spadefish, amber jacks, even more friendly cornet fish, and two french angelfish who were a real ham for the camera.

Conditions underwater were similar to the first dive with 50-60 feet of visibility and 73 degree water temperature. On our ride home the seas had picked up to 2-3 feet, but with the waves at our back it was an easy ride home. On our way, a pair of atlantic spotted dolphins swam along the boat.

Another great day of diving out in Palm Beach! A special thanks to Walker’s Dive charters for hosting today’s dives aboard The Wetter The Better dive boat.

View today’s video montage:

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