When it comes to Florida diving, West Palm Beach is hard to beat! After a great day of diving in the morning on the wrecks with 100 feet of visibility, 82 degrees water temperature and no current, we set out do it all over again for the afternoon Sunday dive trip. This time we headed south to the shallow reefs to enjoy a great day of Florida diving.

Our first stop was Flower Gardens where we lazily drifted north across this reef. Upon our initial descent, we quickly came across a hawksbill sea turtle. As the dive progressed we would see many more sea turtles. A quick stop at the trench, we slowly moved across this part of the reef while engulfed in tropical fish of all kind.

The current had picked up a bit so for our second dive we jumped in on Elevator Shaft, the southern end of Breaker’s reef, where the sea turtle encounters continued to stack. Eels and all manner of tropical fish life was keeping us entertained throughout the dive. Near the end of Breaker’s reef, our friend, the lemon, who we had encountered a few days later, was back at his same resting place just laying on the bottom. Not far from him was a large goliath grouper.

Drifting across turtle mound, again we encountered numerous loggerhead sea turtles. With so many loggerhead sea turtles to be seen, it is without question why Palm Beach is the second largest nesting site for loggerhead sea turtles in the world. If you’re going to be doing any Florida diving, make sure you spend some time in Palm Beach. You will be amazed at the amazing amount of marine life you will see.

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