150819-122648-0062The groupers are here! The groupers are here! Those big and adorable fish who will anxiously await every August are amassing. Our double-dip dives on the wrecks of Palm Beach brought us plenty of close encounters with these gentle giants.

On our descent on our first dive on the Corridor wrecks we were greeted by over 30 goliath groupers roaming around the wreck. Although a bit timid at first, they soon warmed up to us and were swimming around us both outside and inside the Mizpah wreck.


Our second dive on the Danny wreck had its share of great goliath grouper encounters. Along the Danny, Atlantis, and the Spud Barge another couple of dozen goliath groupers kept the divers mesmerized during the dive.

If you were waiting to see the goliath groupers aggregation then this is the time to do so. Call us to book your spot as our trips are filling fast!