Our dive boat headed out to scuba dive a couple of gorgeous reefs todays in West Palm Beach, Florida. Our first dive site was Ron’s reef followed by Dive-A-Rama. Scuba diving during the summer months in Florida is especially nice since water temperatures increase into the 80s and the seas are typically flat.

Today’s scuba diving was a good example of a summer-like conditions. The divers descended to Ron’s reef. Water temperature was a soothing 81 degrees with a very light north current. Seas were an easy 1-2 foot. Visibility was not at its best by Palm Beach standards — around 30-40ft — but considering all the late afternoon thunderstorms we have had and the state dumping all the rain water from Lake Okeechobee it’s easy to understand why the visibility on our dives was not its average 50+ feet. The great thing about diving in West Palm Beach is tomorrow the Gulf Stream current can bring us 100+ feet of visibility.

None the less, the marine life encounters during our dives certainly made up for the visibility. During our hour long scuba adventures we encountered numerous sea turtles including loggerhead, green, and hawksbills sea turtles. Lobsters were everywhere! With our upcoming 2013 lobster mini-season, we have a feeling there are going to be a lot of very happy scuba divers bringing home lobsters for family and friends.

While closely observing the reef, I came across a tiny black brotula fish hiding in the reef. A couple of the divers caught my attention after a few minutes. They signaled me to turn around and just a couple of feet away a very large goliath grouper was staring at me. The number of goliath groupers sighting are beginning to increase in Palm Beach. No doubt a sign of our other amazing dives that take place in West Palm Beach, Florida — the goliath grouper spawning!

Our second dive was a repeat of the first as far as marine life encounter is concerned. Many more sea turtles — it is sea turtle nesting season after all. In the group of sea turtles we encountered was one of Larry Wood’s satellite tagged hawksbill sea turtle. Fish life was incredibly abundant on Dive-A-Rama and the southern end of Breakers. Another goliath grouper, a large southern stingray with a cobia, and many more lobsters filled the list of today’s scuba diving encounters in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Come join us and experience the best scuba diving in Florida!

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