Goliath Grouper West Palm Beach:  Dive Report

October 1st, 2012 – Sirena headed towards the Zion Train wreck trek in Jupiter with a group of divers who can’t seem to get enough of this amazing place. The last couple of days the goliath grouper action on these wrecks reached epic status. With over 70ft. of visibility, 82 degree water temperature and nonstop predation of the bait fish encircling the groupers, this dive did not disappoint. While the number of groupers congregating around the wreck is slowly diminishing, the remaining groupers are extremely friendly. Numerous times the groupers would swim right over head. With countless jacks pressuring the bait fish into tighter and tighter circles around the groupers, you could hear the loud sonic thump of the groupers as they inhale a mouthful of bait fish. A few of the veteran divers who have been diving with these groupers for numerous years surfaced saying the action was some of the best they have ever seen.  Check out the video!


Our second dive was at the Tunnels. This reef system has, as the name implies, large overhangs and deep crevices which are home to countless reef fish and colorful sponge encrusted walls. This reef is a great place to see sleeping Caribbean reef sharks. As the group drifted at a leisurely pace in a northerly direction, numerous Caribbean reef sharks would on occasion cruise by the divers. One poor young reef shark trailed the remains of a fishing line and a very large hook which appears to have been designed for catching these defenseless animals. Unfortunately, even with so many sharks around the world in critical decline, little is being done to protect those that remain. Without these predators to keep fish populations in check the imbalance could mean the destruction of coral reefs around the world.


There’s no question the goliath grouper action is reaching it’s climactic ending in these coming days but what an amazing way to finish off the season. Get out there and check it out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!