Experience this amazing dive site after dark with the 2020 Blue Heron Bridge Night Dive schedule! Each month we host FREE night dives so you can explore this enchanting site.  Stop by the shop to sign a waiver and pick up a complimentary parking pass. While you’re here, purchase lights or check out any rental gear you may need for the dive. 2020 Blue Heron Bridge Night Dive Schedule - Guides

Group Guided Dives are available for just $15 per person (limited to 8 divers per guide). Divers must register here to follow the Guide. Book a Private Dive Guide or Photo Guide for one-on-one, personalized services.

Required Equipment:

Primary Dive Light, Tank Light (glow stick), SCUBA Gear, Dive Flag (1 per group). A backup light is recommended.

For the best experience, plan to begin your dive about 45 minutes before high tide. Check-in times listed are recommended for divers following the group guide. Additional night dive dates are available upon request.


2020 Blue Heron Bridge Night Dive Schedule:

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To schedule an additional night dive date, for questions, or to arrange a Dive Guide please call us at: 561-840-8750.