What is a snoot?  And how does one snoot?  While we’re on the subject, can we even use “snoot” as a verb?

Deconstruct the mystery of this fascinating lighting tool with Photo Pro Andrea Whitaker.

Understand how a snoot functions, and when to use one.  Discover why a snoot is essential when photographing macro wildlife at the Blue Heron Bridge. 

Learn how to pair a snoot with other exciting photo techniques to take your images to the next level.

Seats in the upcoming Snoot Lighting Workshop are limited, so contact reservations@puravidadivers.com or call 561-840-8750 to save your spot.


During the Snoot Lighting Workshop, you will learn how to isolate your tiny photo subjects to distinguish them from their backgrounds.  This skill comes in handy particularly in muck diving locations where your subjects are trying their hardest to camouflage into their surroundings.

Snoot lighting techniques can also help add magic to your images.  With a well-lit and focused subject, colorful lighting techniques, like the bokeh bubbles featured below, enhance the “WOW” factor of your photos. 


The Snoot Lighting Workshop can be tailored to most experience levels, but participants will get the most benefit using a camera capable of macro photography.

Divers should have good buoyancy control.  Ask your Instructor about specialty equipment like muck sticks.

Not yet familiar with wildlife or dive conditions at the Blue Heron Bridge?  Begin your photo journey with an introductory workshop, and then join us for the Snoot Lighting Workshop.

  • Standard SCUBA Equipment
  • Underwater Camera Kit
  • Strobes or Video Lights
  • Laptop or Tablet for image review and minor editing

Demo equipment from Backscatter Underwater Photo & Video, may be available to use during your workshop.  Supplies are limited, so ask about renting demo gear when you sign up.

Ready to dive in? Contact us at reservations@puravidadivers.com or call 561-840-8750 to learn more or get signed up. 

The Snoot Lighting Workshop is scheduled around high tide at the Blue Heron Bridge.  Dates are flexible based on Photo Pro availability and the tide schedule.