Conditions have been holding up quite nicely from previous days even with all the rain we have had. Topping the marine life encounters from our previous days was going to be hard to do but captain Colin was up for the challenge. He knows that Palm Beach diving is full of surprises!

It didn’t take long for the show to begin. As soon as we turned south out of the inlet across the glass-clam seas we were greeted by a group of Atlantic spotted dolphins. Best of all, there were tons of juvenile dolphins in the mix so it didn’t take long for the fun to begin. The dolphins quickly took to the bow of Sirena and enjoyed the free ride. We spent quite some time playing with these dolphins before we turned and motored toward the southern reefs.

With seconds of leaving the dolphins, we crossed path with a manta ray swimming just under the surface. This gorgeous creature had a wingspan of about 6-8 feet. Unfortunately, we were unable to keep track of it long enough to have an in-water encounter, but seeing it was a treat.

As we continued to motor south more shadows appeared beneath us. Mating turtles, schools of tarpon, and an enormous spotted eagle ray. About an hour had passed now and we still hadn’t arrived at our first dive site. But with sightings like this I don’t think anyone was complaining.

We finally reached our first dive site, Paul’s reef, and were greeted with 60+ feet of visibility and warm 78 degree water. The reef was teaming with marine life. Turtles were everywhere.

On our second dive we headed north to Tear Drop with the same wonderful conditions as on our first dive and plenty of marine life to keep us enthralled throughout the dive.

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