Ever get the feeling you’ve experienced an event before? That is what a couple of repeat customers from yesterday’s dive must have been feeling while diving today. It was certainly a DejaBlue type of day!

Sirena motored out the inlet above a glass-smooth Atlantic Ocean and clear skies. Below us, the clear, cobalt blue water we saw yesterday was still lingering. We headed just south east of the Lake Worth inlet to the Governor’s River Walk wrecks. A series of four wrecks make up this amazing dive site.

Upon descent, the group got a chance to see a very large lemon shark circling the wreck. The current was negligible at best. Swimming circles around the wrecks was possible, giving the group of divers the opportunity to explore the wrecks in detail.

A couple of goliath groupers hid in the dark recesses. A rainbow-colored sponges encrusted every section of the wrecks while numerous tropical fish fluttered in and out the port holes. From wreck to wreck we slowly moved. All the while enjoying the 80+ feet of visibility and 78 degree water temperature.

For our second dive we motored south to Bath & Tennis reef. Traveling near the shore, we searched for mantas. Sightings of mantas have begun to fill the coconut telegraph so it never hurts to check on our way to and from the reefs. No luck finding a manta today, but I’m sure we will come across one soon.

Bath and Tennis reef had again a very negligible north current with about 50-60 feet of visibility and a soothing 78 degree water temperature. Eels, tons of tropical fish, and a good amount of time with our noses close to reef offered us the opportunity to enjoy some of the more minuscule inhabitants of the coral reef system.

Hopefully we will enjoy another DejaBlue day tomorrow in Palm Beach, Florida. Come join us for a dive and experience it for yourself!

If you would like to purchase any prints from the following photographs, please contact Laz at TheLivingSea.com.