Sirena headed out today to dive some heavy metal. Our first dive would be at Governor’s River Walk which surprisingly had zero current. It’s a pretty special treat when you can dive this site and have the freedom to swim in any direction. On top of that, we had a good 50-60 feet of visibility and 73 degree water temperature.

Upon descending on the first two wrecks, a nurse shark cruised by the group. A more skittish lemon shark didn’t stay around for long. The group explored the wrecks while swarms of tropical fish and barracudas encircled the group. A green moray sat midship as the divers looked on. The nurse shark made her appearance numerous times during our dive.

For our second dive, captain Dean took us to dive North Double Ledges. Towards the end of our dive on the wrecks we started to feel a slight south current moving in so he dropped us in at the Anchoring Spot so we could travel in either direction depending on what the current was doing. Upon descending to the reef we traveled slowly in a southerly direction. 

The group busied themselves observing the variety of marine life including the eels, anemones, a few lion fish, and I even arm wrestled a moray eel for a beautiful empty deer cowrie shell sitting below the eel.

Brooks took time from his busy dive guiding priorities to film me with his new underwater camera. Apparently Brooks has the inside scoop on technology that is light years ahead of it time. In his hand was a small housing that looked very similar to the one that the new GoPro Hero3 Black Edition comes in, but according to Brooks, this was the (yet to be released) EyePro camera. It produces images that look exactly as what you see underwater. There’s no need to color correct, you never run out of battery power and memory. It’s the future!!! 🙂

We hope you enjoy today’s photos from our dives. If you would like to purchase any prints from these images, please contact TheLivingSea.com.