Today Pura Vida divers were out on The Wetter The Better dive boat. The wave gods were a bit upset today with 4-5 foot seas, but the conditions underwater more than made up for it. We had a lovely 60+ feet of visibility, 73 degree water temperature, a very light south current, and clear and sunny skies. Not bad for the middle of winter.

Our first dive was on South Double Ledges. At this site we encountered a very large male loggerhead sea turtle, green moray eel, schools of angelfish swimming in formation. Some diver’s treasure was to be found, too, including a large Spanish-like anchor and Lindsay found a gorgeous deer cowrie shell. We cruised past the old scuba tank graveyard where many years ago a dive operator discarded old scuba tanks in the hopes of making an artificial reef. A small grouper sat protecting one of the scuba tanks.

For our second dive we headed south to Breaker’s reef. Here we encountered numerous tropical fish amidst a kaleidoscope of sponges. Three Caribbean reef squid kept me entertained. What appeared like two males put on a battle of the brightest against each other for one lonely female squid. In the cephalopod world (squid and octopus), rarely is there any physical violence. Instead, the males will put on a light show, created by chromatophores in their skin, to show who is the toughest, plus they use this similar technique to woo the females. It’s an amazing show and one that is worth spending a good amount of your time underwater watching front row.

Special thanks to Captain Bill Walker for taking good care of our Pura Vida divers today.

We hope you enjoy today’s photos of the day. If you are interested in purchasing in photograph, please contact TheLivingSea.com.