It was a relief to head out the inlet today and see blue water all around us. The past  week had brought visibility down to zero on some days. Thankfully, the Gulf Stream has cleaned up our waters, and we are back to diving.

Our first dive today was at Shark Canyon where we encountered a couple of Caribbean reef sharks, we were encircled by gangs of Atlantic spadefish and numerous other tropical fish. All the while we bathed in crystal blue water with visibility in the 60-70ft. range. 

Our second dive was at Jolly Jacks where we, once again, found similar conditions underwater. A tiny 3ft. nurse shark was resting in a crevice in the reef. A green moray and a golden tail moray hung near each other. As we cruised up the reef, numerous empty deer cowrie shells were found. 

Overall, we enjoyed two lovely dives on the northern reefs of Palm Beach under clear skies and 1-2ft. seas. It’s hard to believe we’re almost in December. You gotta love diving in Palm Beach, Florida!

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