150529-114000-0049The gorgeous dive conditions continue with clear and warm blue water. Our Pura Vida Divers headed to the southern reefs today where they enjoyed two great dives.

Our first dive on Bath & Tennis reef started off with loggerhead sea turtles everywhere. In fact, by the time our dive was over we lost count at over a dozen loggerhead sea turtles. Tons of other marine life included squid, a nurse shark, and all kinds of tropicals. Lets not forget all the little stuff, too!


Our second dive on Breakers reef was a lot of the same goodness. Plenty of blue water, turtles of all kinds including a couple green sea turtles. Based on what our nesting numbers are turning out to be, this year promises to be another big year for sea turtles in Palm Beach. Lets do everything in our part to make their time here the best. If you come across any sleeping turtles on the reef, please give them a wide berth. Consider that these sea turtles are crawling their couple hundred pounds body up on our beach in the middle of the night and laying over 100 eggs. They will do this up to three times during one season. We promise you will see plenty of active sea turtles along your dive.


The diving is really great right now. The water is so warm even the locals are starting to shed off the thicker wet suits. Don’t miss these great diving conditions. Call us today to book your dives.