Finding these elusive marine predators during your dive is a thrill!  Watching sharks glide gracefully through blue water is an awe inspiring sight.

Join us to dive with sharks!  First, book your seat on an upcoming Palm Beach Shark Dive.  Then, drift over the deep reefs and wrecks of the Palm Beaches.

Keep your eyes peeled for one of the many shark species that live in coastal Florida waters. 

Watch small reef sharks dart over the ledge.  Follow lemon sharks as they swim lazily over the sand.  Find sleepy nurse sharks nestled under the reef.  Drift along in search of a rare hammerhead


Palm Beach Shark Dives are not baited. Pura Vida Divers believes in passive observation of our favorite marine species in their natural habitat.

While we do occasionally see sharks on shallow dive sites, many of the Palm Beach Shark Dives take place on deep (70′ – 90′) reefs and wrecks. Divers must be Advanced Open Water and Enriched Air Nitrox certified to participate on deep dives.  Divers under age 14 are limited to shallow (40′ – 60′) charters.


Sharks need you! Pair your Palm Beach Shark Dive with a PADI AWARE Shark Conservation specialty class. 

Learn why shark populations are declining.  Find out what you can do to become a knowledgeable and passionate shark defender. Help dispel misconceptions about these important marine animals. 

Understand how you can take action to protect sharks during a quick classroom session.

Next, head offshore with one of our knowledgeable PADI Instructors by your side.  Observe wild sharks in their natural environment.  Put your new knowledge to practical use.  Join us for a Palm Beach Shark Dive.

Questions?  Contact to learn more about the jawesome activities coming up soon!