As scuba divers, we see the impact human-created waste has on coral reef ecosystems.  Join Photo Pro Andrea Whitaker to become A Voice for the Silent Seas

Understand how you can shed strobe light on the impacts that humans have on our underwater world.  Learn how to create award-winning photos that inspire others to take action.

These photos are also a valuable tool to bring recognition to you as a photographer.

Many photo contests now feature an Environmental Impact category.  Showcase your work as you advocate for the oceans.


First, join us at the shop for an evening classroom session.  Bring your laptop or tablet and a selection of images to review.  Discuss important photo composition tools.  Learn how framing and lighting are key to creating a powerful image.

Then, splash in at Blue Heron Bridge for a morning dive.  Explore the site with Andrea by your side.  Find, photograph, and potentially remove marine debris.  Learn how some items, like glass bottles, are an important home for wildlife. 

Know which items to remove and which to leave behind.  Fine tune photo composition as you become A Voice for the Silent Seas.


  • PADI Open Water Certified (or equivalent)
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy recommended

Want to make every dive count?  Upgrade your photo workshop to include a Dive Against Debris specialty class.  Or, increase your photo skills with the PADI Underwater Photography specialty.


  • Full SCUBA Kit
  • Underwater Camera
  • Tray & Lights (if applicable)
  • Laptop or Tablet for image review
  • Muck Stick
  • Small Mesh Bag (for marine debris removal)

Photo Pro Tip: Chat with a PVD pro to learn how accessories like colored filters or a Backscatter Mini Flash can enhance your images.

As underwater photographers, we can speak for our oceans.  Use your photos as powerful storytelling tools.  Take action, and become A Voice for the Silent Seas. 

Ready to dive in?  For upcoming Photo Workshop dates and registration info, contact us at 561-840-8750 or email