Black and White photography sets a mood.  It demands your attention.  Black and white images are timeless yet modern.  They are simple, yet complex.  Some photos just look better in black and white.  Take a deep dive into the magic of black and white photography with Photo Pro Andrea Whitaker.  Enhance your wide angle photo skills as you bring to life the underwater world.  

Learn how to use this style of photography to emphasize shapes and textures.  Compose an image to draw viewers into the vibe you have crafted within your photo.


Learn to think in black and white.  Understand how to shift your mindset from a colorful image to black and white photography.  Use the stunning images you compose to strengthen your portfolio.

Capture photos of one of the most engaging subjects for black and white photography: sharks.  Learn how to juxtapose sharks against a white sand or dark blue ocean background.  Create images that pop.

Understand how to use this technique with other wildlife, like goliath grouper, to emphasize their large scale.

First, join Andrea for a classroom session at Pura Vida Divers.  Bring along your camera and a laptop or tablet to review your images.  

Next, it’s time to dive!  Grab your scuba gear and hop on board a 2-tank charter to dive with sharks

Think in black and white as you capture images of the beautiful reefs and wrecks of the Palm Beaches. 

Palm Beach Shark Dives usually take place on sites with depths between 70′ and 90′.  Divers must be Advanced Open Water and Enriched Air Nitrox certified to participate on deep dives.  Divers under age 14 are limited to shallow (40′ – 60′) charters.

Not yet AOW or Nitrox certified?  Don’t worry, this wide angle workshop can be customized to fit your needs.  Contact to chat with a Reservations Specialist.


  • PADI Advanced Open Water certification (or equivalent)
  • PADI Enriched Air Nitrox certification (or equivalent)
  • AWARE Shark Conservation specialty is highly recommended


  • Underwater Camera (tray & lights or strobes recommended)
  • Standard SCUBA Kit
  • Laptop or Tablet for image editing & review

After the black and white photography workshop, put your new skills to use!  Join us for a Palm Beach Shark Dive or to dive with Lemon sharks

Contact or call (561) 840-8750 to register, or to learn more about upcoming photo workshops and events.