Sharks.  Do they spark fear or excitement for you?  Either way, sharks are a crucial part of the marine ecosystem.  Learn about these unique and vulnerable creatures in the PADI AWARE Shark Conservation Class.

It’s no secret that sharks have a mixed reputation.  For some, the scary Jaws theme song begins playing at the mere mention of sharks.  Others understand the raw power and beauty of these incredible predators.

Most often, the bad rap sharks get stems from misunderstanding.  By learning about sharks, we can debunk misconceptions.  We can provide others with accurate information.  Become a shark defender.  Take your passion for protecting sharks to the next level.  Enroll in the PADI AWARE Shark Conservation Class.

padi aware shark conservation class


Did you know sharks first appeared in the ocean over 400 million years ago?  That is more than 150 million years before dinosaurs walked on land.  The first humans evolved only around 200,000 years ago.  Sharks have been swimming in the ocean long before us.

Sharks inhabit almost every marine environment.  They can be found along tropical coral reefs, coastal waters, open oceans, and the icy arctic.  Some species can even be found in freshwater rivers and lakes.

Sharks have been a vital part of the marine ecosystem for millions of years.  Yet, today they are in danger.  Their populations are declining largely due to human impact.  But it is not too late.  Help save the sharks and become a defender of this apex predator.  Find out what you learn in the PADI AWARE Shark Conservation Class.


Dive into shark conservation.  During a classroom session and two dives, learn:

  • Why sharks are important to the marine ecosystem.
  • Traits of sharks that make them vulnerable.
  • Recognizing and managing current threats to shark populations.
  • How to protect sharks and remove barriers to conservation.
  • About the global movement of enthusiasts who want to save the sharks! 
padi aware shark conservation class


Divers must be at least 15 years old to earn their Shark Conservation Specialty certification. While we do occasionally see sharks on shallow dive sites, they are most frequently found on deep (70′ – 90′) reefs and wrecks. Divers must be Advanced Open Water and Enriched Air Nitrox certified to participate on deep dives.

padi aware shark conservation class

Want to pair the specialty course with a jaw-some underwater experience?  Sign up to Dive with Sharks.  Join us as we dive with these incredible creatures in Jupiter, Florida.  Click the link below to reserve your spot.  Become a Shark Conservation Diver during the boat dives.

Learn as much as you can about sharks in order to protect them.  Become a passionate shark defender.  Save sharks by earning your PADI AWARE Shark Conservation Class certification.

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