Photographing marine wildlife requires patience, practice, and an understanding of what settings and techniques to use.  Lighting is one of the most important techniques to master. 

So, let’s get lit!  Elevate your photography skills with the Wide Angle Lighting Workshop.

Lighting plays a key role in highlighting your photo subjects.  Learn from our in-house Photo Pro, Emma Rigolo.  Practice techniques for lighting wildlife in wide angle shots.  Create colorful images that pop.  

wide angle lighting photo workshop


Much of the sunlight from above reflects off the surface of the water.  Light underwater is greatly reduced due to reflection, refraction, and diffusion.  Water also absorbs different wavelengths of light.  That is why colors, such as red, begin to disappear underwater. 

wide angle lighting workshop

What does this mean for photographers?  Well, most photographers do not want photos that only appear to have shades of blue or green.  That means we have to add our own light.


Start building your repertoire of lighting skills.  Learn tips and tricks for wide angle shots and lighting underwater wildlife.  This workshop can be tailored to those just starting out, or experienced photographers wanting to take their skills to the next level.  When it comes to underwater photography,  there is always something new to learn. 

Do you already have a full collection of lights and strobes?  Maybe you are just starting to build your lighting setup.  Either way, the workshop teaches you how to place lights around your camera rig.  Find out how to make your wildlife subjects pop.  Know how to get rid of pesky backscatter.

wide angle lighting workshop
You Will Learn:
  • Where to place lights for perfect wide angle shots.
  • Different challenges underwater, like backscatter and how light travels through water.
  • Effects you can achieve with light intensities and configurations.
  • The best settings to use and how much external lighting power is needed.
  • Types of lighting gear and accessories.


To enroll in the Wide Angle Lighting Workshop, divers must be at least Open Water certified.  Workshop dives may take place on deep charters ranging with bottom depths of 70′ to 90′.  We highly recommend participants have Advanced Open Water and Nitrox certifications.


Divers in the Wide Angle Lighting Workshop must have the following gear:

  • Full set of SCUBA equipment (rental gear available at the dive shop).
  • Underwater Camera and Housing.
  • Lighting setup.

Need to add lights to your camera rig?  Schedule a gear consultation appointment with us!  We will help you decide which lights and strobes are best for your setup.


First, meet at the dive shop for an in-depth classroom session.  Then, hop aboard one of our shark dive charters!  Practice your new skills and create well-lit images. 

  • Sunday, February 6th:  Meet at 9:30 am.  Afternoon charter shark dives from 12:30 pm – 5:30 pm.
  • February 19th & 20th:  Meet at 2:30 pm on the 19th.  Morning boat dives on the 20th from 7 am – 12 pm.

Don’t see a date that fits with your schedule?  Contact us to talk about alternative dates.  

Note:  Our shark dive charters are not baited.  We passively observe sharks in their natural environment.  We do our best to go to sites where there are sharks, but cannot guarantee their presence.

wide angle lighting photo workshop

Take your photography skills to the next level.  Understand the importance of lighting and learn new techniques.  What are you waiting for?  Let’s get lit!  Sign up for the Wide Angle Lighting Workshop. 

Contact Photo Pro Emma Rigolo at or call 561-840-8750 for more information.