Kick off 2022 with a totally jaw-some underwater experience!  Cross off an exciting item on your scuba diving bucket list.  Sign up to Dive with Lemon Sharks with us in Jupiter, Florida.

As divers, encounters with these apex predators get our blood pumping.  Scuba diving with sharks is more than an adrenaline rush though.  It is the perfect chance to admire these incredible marine animals in their natural environment.

Every year, schools of Lemon Sharks return to their specific nursery grounds.  They gather off the coast of Jupiter, Florida to mate and hunt. 

In years past, we have observed dozens of schooling Lemon Sharks.  Sometimes, groups of 30 to 40 sharks swim along the sandy seafloor.  Talk about a wild reunion!

dive with lemon sharks


Explore the wild reefs of Jupiter.  Join us as we dive to observe this aggregation of Lemon Sharks.  Drift along the reef at a depth of 70’ to 100’.  Divers must be Advanced Open Water and Nitrox certified.  

Want to get certified beforehand?  No problem!  Contact us at for more information.

All divers must register in advance.  Space is limited.  Don’t miss out!  Secure your spot to dive with Lemon Sharks.


Date: Sunday, February 27th  

Check-In Time: 12:30 PM

Departure Time: 1:30 PM

A Pura Vida Divers representative will be on board.  Jupiter Dive Center provides an in-water dive guide as well.  Get ready for a fin-tastic day of diving!


At Pura Vida Divers, we are conservation-oriented.  We want to do everything we can to protect sharks and keep their best interest in mind.  We believe in the passive observation of sharks in their natural habitat.  The Dive with Lemon Sharks charter is not baited.

We do our best to visit sites where Lemon Sharks are known to visit.  Diving with Lemon Sharks is highly likely, but please keep in mind these are wild marine animals.  We cannot guarantee their presence.

Do you have a special interest in protecting sharks?  Learn about becoming a Shark Conservation Diver.  Help raise awareness to save the shark population.  Earn your AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty Certification during the Dive with Lemon Sharks charter.

Ready to sign up for this incredible underwater experience?  Don’t wait to reserve your spot.  Contact us at or call 561-840-8750.