Summer days are here in their full glory in Palm Beach. The water is warm, the seas are glass-calm, the day is sunny, and the diving is amazing! Today was one of those days where taking in a day of Palm Beach diving is a real treat.

We headed to the southern shallow reefs. Our destination: Tear Drop and Dive-A-Rama reefs. These two reefs in the 50-60ft. range were teaming with a variety of life. First on the list of spectacular encounters was a large eagle ray, followed by countless sea turtles, and, of course, a plethora of tropical fish.


A swarm of french angelfish were traveling down the reef in a conga line. They circled each other in a mesmerizing dance. At one point they encircled a female loggerhead turtle, but the turtle quickly picked up and left. She was hoping for a little relaxation and wasn’t in the party mood, I suppose.

Visibility was top to bottom with 40-50ft. of horizontal visibility. While our water clarity isn’t always Caribbean-like, it is the nutrients in the water that makes Palm Beach surpass the other dive destinations when it comes to marine life. The stuff floating in the water column is food for the reef and its inhabitants. Thankfully, the water was still clear enough for some blue-water photographs.


As I ventured to the eastern end of the reef, I came across numerous spots where tropical fish life seemed to congregate. Hovering over one spot I would have a conveyor-belt of different tropical fish swim in and out of the same photographic frame. It sure is an easy way to make any photographer become a little lazy. Why swim around searching for the right spots with the right creatures to photograph? Stay in one good spot and let the sea creatures come to you! Meanwhile, become mesmerized by the intricate beauty of the reef and all the tiny creatures living amongst this undersea tropical forest.


Our second dive on Dive-A-Rama — part of the Breaker’s reef system — was just as impressive. Parts of this reef are hard to swim past simply because I feel myself in awe at its intricacies. Throughout the dive we encountered plenty of sea turtles, too!

Along with us on our Palm Beach dives was a wonderful group of divers. Some were working on their Open Water certification course, others had years of experience. What they both had in common was the smile on their faces as they enjoyed the wonders of summer-time Palm Beach diving. Come experience Palm Beach diving for yourself! Call us and reserve your spot on our dive boat running seven days a week.