Join Pura Vida Divers, and Hawksbill Project’s Larry Wood July 20, 2014 for an afternoon two-tank turtle education dive trip! Aboard the Sirena, Larry Wood explains about sea turtle activity within the Palm Beach area, and beneath the water.  For each of the two dives, Larry will point out sea turtle breeds and observe their behavior.  Join him and the rest of the Pura Vida team for a day of education, diving, and great Florida sunshine.

Diving throughout the gorgeous Florida reefs, we continually see turtles of all shapes and sizes. While respecting their distance we admire these incredible species, happy to see them continue to grow and thrive throughout the south Florida waters.

To learn more about sea turtles, specifically the Hawksbill, Larry Wood, conservation biologist at the Palm Beach Zoo, initiated Florida’s first and only continual study of the endangered Hawksbill sea turtle. Larry began his research initially 10 years ago, having successfully identified 167 Hawksbill turtles in the Palm Beach area.

Throughout this educational trip, divers will be able to observe turtles in their natural habitat, and learn more about the species they encounter aboard the Sirena dive boat. Our resident underwater photographer, Lazaro Ruda, will be present capturing imagery beneath the water. Make sure to look for him on your dive for a chance to be photographed near the reef and prospective on looking turtles.

Our two-tank trip aboard Sirena will include the boat pass and two air tanks, or nitrox for an additional fee. All proceeds for this special event will be donated to The Florida Hawksbill Project, of the Palm Beach Zoo.

Itinerary for the day:

10:00a.m.: Morning sea turtle talk at the shop

11:00p.m.: Break for lunch

12:45p.m.: Check-in at the dock

1:30p.m.: Trip departs

Sign up to be a part of this incredible day of learning while space is still available!

For reservations or more information, call us at (561) 840-8750, or shoot us an e-mail at info.pvd@puravidadivers.com

For more information on The Florida Hawksbill Project visit: http://www.plambeachzoo.org/hawksbill-sea-turtle-program