Scuba diving in Palm Beach, FL. is hard to beat especially on a day like today. With over 60 feet of visibility and a warm 79 degree water, we headed south to our shallow reefs for a nice, relaxing two tank dive. Along the way there, our boat, Sirena, motored over glass-calm seas. Our first dive was at Tear Drop where the group was treated to schools of tropical fish, eels, lobsters, and more with a very slow north current.

Our second dive was at Dive-A-Rama where we encountered a pair of large octopus just inches from each other, some very friendly angel fish, a gorgeous school of sweepers, and a large hawksbill and a juvenile green sea turtle. 

With conditions like this it’s easy to see why scuba diving in Palm Beach, FL. is hard to beat. Come join us for some great diving!

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