While Sirena was in the boat yard getting some improvements done to her, a few of the Pura Vida Divers were out with captain Bill Walker on The Wetter The Better enjoying a wonderful day out on the ocean.

With 1-2ft seas, 74-75 degree water temperature, up to 80ft of visibility and clear skies, it was the perfect recipe for a perfect day of diving. What could make it even better? How about seeing double! As in a great hammerhead sighting on both dives.

For the first dive we dropped in on Breaker’s reef where Jerry, a dive instructor, and his student had a great hammerhead swim pass them as they were busy doing some skills in the sand. Minutes later, a large loggerhead sea turtle dive bombed the student, too. It’s hard getting your skills done in Palm Beach with all these distractions.

Scattered throughout the reefs were countless nurse sharks. Many of which appeared a little pregnant. The likelihood is that is pupping season for these gentle creatures. Of course, all the regulars made their appearance, too. Gorgeous tropicals swarmed the rainbow-colored reef. An hours on Breakers is never enough!

For our second dive, captain Walker motored the boat just south to Flower Gardens. Again, on cue, a great hammerhead made his appearance. This time cruising right alongside all the divers. What a wonderful treat to see such a captivating creature underwater. Around the world, people spend a lifetime underwater and they never see such a creature. We are fortunate enough here in Palm Beach to have them show up from time to time. Lets continue to protect these creatures so they continue to thrive in our waters.

As we cruised north along the reef a few turtles showed up. A large male green sea turtle kept an eye on the divers at the edge of visibility. Some turtles are just a little diver shy, I guess. Nurse sharks, again, were scattered all over the reef. Schools of bonita, tropical fish of all kinds, and eels topped off the list of creatures we would encounter on our dive.

With calm seas and smiles on our faces, we motored back home reliving the wonders of today’s adventure. Just another great day of diving in West Palm Beach. Join us on a diving adventure like no other!