Another day of diving paradise in Palm Beach, Florida today with 80 feet of visibility and 80 degree water temperature. Today’s 3-tank and lunch dive trip included a variety of the diving that Palm Beach has to offer. Everything from wrecks to deep and shallow reefs. With a fun group of divers onboard and great diving conditions this is as good as it gets — Palm Beach scuba diving!

We began our dives on Governor’s Riverwalk wrecks where we encountered bull and lemon sharks and a plethora of fish life. The current was moving along on the wrecks, but thankfully, because of the large size of the wrecks, hiding from the current was a simple task. Plus, with four different wrecks along the dive path, there was always something new to see as we drifted along. Trying to change my perspective a little, I decided to try some macro photography on the wrecks. Needless to say, the wrecks are covered in some spectacular marine life.


For our second dive we headed to South Double Ledges where the current had settled significantly. Everything from sea turtles to areas thick with tropical fish life was encountered. All under a beautiful blanket of crystal-clear blue water. Diving with the group of divers which included a very lively group of kids was extra fun!



After a delicious lunch onboard Sirena and a little relaxing we were ready to get back in the water. To make a great day of diving even better we decided our last dive would be at the famous and beautiful Breaker’s reef.

The turtles were out here in droves! Loggerhead sea turtles, hawksbills sea turtles.. They were around every corner! Some, such as this one particular loggerhead we could count on seeing in the same spot. For the past month I have been returning regularly to this one spot on the reef to find this same turtle always laying in the same spot. This time, while I was busying myself looking for other sea creatures nearby, I watched her go up to the surface for a breath, and a few minutes later return to the SAME spot and lay down to rest. That’s amazing considering that the current had pushed the turtle out of view. Undersea animals have a sense of location beyond what we can imagine.



Overall, it was another wonderful day of diving, but then again it is Palm Beach scuba diving — as good as it gets! Come join us for an underwater adventure of your own and you, too, will agree.