Pura Vida Divers was out diving again today on the wonderful reefs of Palm Beach. With glass calm seas, 76 degree water temperature, a light north current, visibility in the 45-50 range and plenty of Florida sunshine, the day of diving turned out great.

Our first dive was on Tear Drop reef. This reef is in about 50 – 55 feet of water and is teaming with marine life. Plenty of eels including a friendly sharptail eel, a loggerhead and hawksbill sea turtle, a batfish and tons of tropicals. With a nice slow current moving the group along the reef, it was easy to truly take in the sights.

Our second dive on Breaker’s reef, as always, was certain not to disappoint. Within a minute of descending to the reef, the group came across a large hawksbill sea turtle who was busy munching on some delicious sponge. He was so enthralled in the sponge that he did not seem to care for the many onlookers around him.

Shortly thereafter we were treated to some natural, predatory behavior right before our eyes. A large horse conch had flipped over a queen conch and was feeding on it. One diver was carrying a measuring stick with her and, according to our calculations, the horse conch measured at about 16 inches! These shells are the largest we have in Florida (not including Architeuthis Clam which I swear I saw during a night dive once. It was, easily, over 20 feet long!).

The colors on Breakers, between the numerous sponges, soft corals, and tropical fish, are always mesmerizing. I could sit all day just enjoying the splendors of this beautiful reef. Overall, the day’s diving was, without a doubt, a real treat. Just another wonderful day out on the water!

Special thanks to Walker’s Dive Charters for providing the diving services today for our Pura Vida Divers.

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